Translation Service 

The aim of the Translation Service is to offer fast, efficient, high quality translations at competitive prices.

The service has been set up to facilitate implementation of the Welsh language scheme and promote bilingual teaching, study, administration and to provide the public in Wales with a service in their chosen language, be that in Welsh or English.

The service is available to all academic and administrative departments within Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Documents to be Translated
  • Administrative documents 
  • Correspondence
  • Handbooks/information leaflets 
  • Institution's Web pages 
  • Publicity material 
  • Advertisements 
  • Signs and notices 
  • Teaching materials (textbooks, class notes, etc.) 
  • Examination papers for degree courses 
  • Examination scripts and essays for formal assessment 
  • Application forms etc. from prospective students 
  • Applications for posts in the Institution 
  • Materials relating to public conferences and similar events 
  • Materials relating to publications and events 
  • Conferences and meetings arranged by departments 
Costs and Time Table

In general, the fee for translations at the date of issue of this guidance varies from between £55 - £75 per 1,000 words translated. This will increase for texts that are specialised in nature or for urgent work required.

The Language Scheme co-ordinator would be happy to discuss any department’s translation needs, particularly with a view to preparing an appropriate budget.

Time Table for Translation

The time involved in preparing translations will obviously depend upon the size and nature of the work involved and the Translators’ workload at the time. Electronic forms of texts for translation will speed up the time taken to complete translations as opposed to hard copies which will usually need to be posted to a translator and which will therefore usually take two additional days to be returned to you. A general estimate is given below of the time you should normally allow when requesting translations submitted electronically:


Size Time
<200 words Same Day*
200 - 1,000 Next Day
1,000 - 2,500 3 Days
2,500 - 4,000 5 Days
>4,000 words 5 Days

* - if received before Noon.
** - the exact time would be determined upon receipt of the text for translation.

Helpful Hints

Early consideration of bilingualism in the preparation of you work can save you valuable time and money.

Remember that it won't only be you who requires a translation!

Good planning will lead to more time and minimum cost. Last minute translations cannot always be accommodated but where they can, the cost may be double the usual amount.

The format the work is received will affect the time scale of the translation. Work received electronically will be able to be passed on and translated quicker than hard copies.

Further information:

In order to organise and prioritise work, it would be a great help if you could note the following details when sending work for translation: 

  • Date work is sent
  • Date work should be returned
  • Contact name (including a telephone number and an email address)
  • Name of the department/office
How to Send Work for Translation

We will accept work sent by post, fax or email or you can bring it to the Translation Unit in person.

Welsh Language Unit
PO Box 377 Western Avenue,
Fax: 029 20 416978


In person:

Welsh Language Unit: Room M1.02 Central Administration, Llandaf

Should you have and queries or require any information about any aspect of our Translation Service, please do not hesitate to contact the Welsh Language Scheme Co-ordinator.