Energy and Utilities  

The University consumes a significant amount of energy and water with costs for the last academic year totalling more than £1.3 million. We can also expect to see an increase in energy costs of 20% over the next two years.

The most effective way to reduce this cost is to reduce our consumption which is currently equivalent to enough:

  • Water to fill a swimming pool every 2 days
  • Electricity to power 1600 homes
  • Gas to heat 500 homes

In addition our energy consumption is responsible for almost 6000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. These statistics remind us of the impact our business has on the environment and of the need to conserve natural resources whenever we can.

To address these important points the University's Board of Governors approved a 5-year Strategy and Implementation Plan (SIP) to reduce our energy and water consumption within buildings by 3% per annum from 2009 against a baseline of 2007-2008.

The need for action is cascaded to staff at all levels who have played their part in the success of the plan with projected savings of £1 Million over 5 years based on savings to date. 

Performance against targets for our last academic year are as follows: 

   Actual vs Target (%)
Utility 2010-2011
Electricity -6.1
Gas 1.0
Water -13.1

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