Finance Regulations - Students 

Following are a few Cardiff Metropolitan University regulations that may affect students. Please Note - these have been updated for the 2013/2014 academic year, if you require confirmation of the regulations from a previous academic year please contact the Finance Department.

Students are required to agree the method/basis for payment of tuition and registration fees at the beginning of each academic year. Full details of all course fees and any registration fees are available on this website, please refer to the relevant Fee Tables. The following sub-sections deal with the treatment of fee payments for various categories of student and special arrangements for the payment of fees by instalments.
Please note, the fee generated as part of the enrolment process is an estimate based on the information provided. This may be subject to change once the record has been validated by the Academic Registry.

Students receiving SLC Financial Support
If you receive financial support towards your tuition fees from the Student Loans Company (via application to Student Finance), this information will be passed to us electronically (on a daily basis) by the SLC.
Please ensure you have signed and returned the declaration, provided a valid National Insurance number and selected the correct HEI on your application. Failure to do so will result in the SLC being unable to confirm funding and you being invoiced for the tuition fees as 'Self-Financing'.

Sponsored students
If your tuition fees are to be paid by a sponsor (eg. your employer) you must produce, at enrolment, a letter confirming that the sponsor accepts responsibility for payment of your fees.

In the event of your sponsor, or other agency, defaulting on the payment of fees or otherwise disclaiming responsibility, you are personally responsible for any outstanding amount due.

Payment of fees by instalments
If you are paying your own fees or any contribution towards your fees, you may make arrangements to pay by instalments. Please refer to the links 'Guide to Fee Payment' and 'Direct Debit Mandate'. This can be done in advance. Please bring all documents to your enrolment session. Alternatively you may wish to contact the Finance Department directly for further information (see 'Useful Numbers').

The direct debit deduction dates for the 2013/2014 academic year are :

20th November 2013

20th December 2013

20th January 2014

20th February 2014