About Us 

What does the Disability Service do?

We assist students who have a disability or specifc learning difficulty to access support enabling them to fully participate in their studies.

Any student who has a long term condition which is impacting on their work can usually benefit from meeting with us to discuss any specific issues and the support options open to them.

You can explore the types of support available here

We work closely with all departments across UWIC to ensure that teaching is accessible and appropriate for all students.

We also contribute towards the Universities disability related policies and procedures, including the Disabillity Equality Scheme and Single Equality Scheme and operate within the context of the Single Equalities Act.

Our Service aims to provide:

  • Information and guidance for all students regarding support available and how to access this
  • Information for all staff regarding disabillity awareness and accessibility.
  • Increased awareness throughout the instituiton of disablity and equality issues
  • Close liason with external organisations to benefit our students and widen participation.