Monitoring and Review 

The Complaints Procedure will be reviewed annually, usually before the beginning of the next academic year. This is the responsibility of the Complaints Officer.

Monitoring of the process is undertaken by:

  • maintaining a complete tracking system and record of each complaint
  • providing an annual report, review and analysis of complaints for the Management Board
  • feeding back details of actions and outcomes to relevant Schools and Units
  • following up complaints that have been resolved with a questionnaire to complainants about the effectiveness of the system and, where relevant, reporting on action taken
  • ensuring all staff responsible for co-ordinating complaints undertake staff development in the system
  • establishing a rigorous and effective system of dealing with proven culpability by one or more parties and feeding back to the complainant the course of action that has been taken by requiring a report from the Head of School or Unit involved on what has been achieved and implemented to prevent the same situation happening again