What are some of the ground rules? 

1.  Before making a complaint using the complaints procedure, you should seek to resolve the matter informally with the relevant person or through her/his line manager, before using the complaints procedure. This prevents unnecessary escalation of the complaint.
2. Complaints received where informal resolution within the School/unit has not been attempted will be referred back to the School or Unit for investigation at the informal stage of the procedure.                                                            
 3. Once the procedure has been commenced, at all stages of both the informal and formal procedure, you should expect your complaint to be acknowledged, handled in a quick, polite and straightforward way and investigated thoroughly and impartially.
 4. You should not be disadvantaged in any way by raising a complaint.
 5. Cardiff Metropolitan University will not investigate or take action on anonymous complaints or those raised on behalf of an anonymous third party or where you, as the complainant, do not give your consent in writing. For example, if you are over 18, your consent must be given before a parent or representative can act on your behalf.
 6. If you are under the age of 18, subject to your agreement, Cardiff Metropolitan University will notify your parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing and keep them informed of the progress of the complaint. Cardiff Metropolitan University will allow them to act on your behalf, provided you agree to this in writing.
 7. If your complaint is found to be frivolous, vexatious or motivated by malice, Cardiff Metropolitan University reserves the right not to proceed with the complaint and, if necessary, to take action against you.
 8. Any person(s) you raise a complaint about will be informed of your complaint.
 9. You must put your complaint in writing and state your desired outcomes for any formal stage of the procedure to be instigated.
 10. At all stages of the informal and formal procedures you have the right to present your case in Welsh or English; if you intend to be present at a hearing, then you should give prior notice of your preferred language.
 11. The timescales laid down in the procedure may be changed where necessary, due to absence of witnesses etc. Cardiff Metropolitan University reserves the right, however, not to consider any complaint that is submitted more than three months after the event, unless there are exceptional circumstances, and to set a final deadline at any stage, after which the complainant will forfeit the right to pursue the complaint further.
 12. When making a formal complaint you and the person(s) being complained about may be accompanied at any time by a friend, representative or colleague, but not by a solicitor or barrister acting in a professional capacity, unless this is agreed by both parties. If you are considering legal action, Cardiff Metropolitan University will take suitable steps to ensure that its legal position is fully protected.
 13. If you are complaining as a member of a group, one person should be prepared to act as your spokesperson and correspondent for the purpose of the formal procedure, and you all should be able to demonstrate that you have been personally affected by the matter. You must all agree in writing to the spokesperson acting on your behalf.  Each individual may still need to be interviewed as part of the investigation process.
 14. Decisions and outcomes will be communicated to the person(s) complained about at the same time as the complainant.
 15. Throughout the process due regard will be given to the Data Protection Act (1998).  Until a complainant’s identification is verified, only information about process and procedures will be supplied.
 16. All records of complaints will normally be destroyed after 6 years has elapsed from the complaint being resolved.