Sports Coaching and Pedagogy 

The sports coaching academic area at Cardiff Met is diverse and wide ranging. Although principally driven by a perception of coaching as a complex social endeavour (Professor Robyn Jones), contributions to a holistic view of the activity come from many quarters. These include considering coaching from the perspectives of reflective practice (Dr. Brendan Cropley) and as a ‘community of practice’ (Dr. Kerry Harris). Investigations are also under way in relation to the delivery of sports coaching units (e.g., PBL, action research and ethno-drama [Julia Longville; Dr. Kevin Morgan; Dr. Kerry Harris; Professor Robyn Jones;]), in addition to exploring various formats through which the social phenomenon of coaching can be represented (Professor Robyn Jones; Jake Bailey; Sofia Santos).

Research Staff
Professor Robyn Jones
Dr Anna Bryant
Dr Brendan Cropley
Dr Kerry Harris
Dr Kevin Morgan
Jake Bailey
Sofia Santos

Research Students