Zambia Project 

In an attempt to try and tackle some of Zambia’s issues, two non government organisations (NGOs) in Zambia, Sport in Action and EduSport run Sport for Development projects across Zambia, with the majority of the projects focused in and around the nations capital Lusaka.  

In 2006 UK Sport and six British sports Universities (Bath, Durham, Loughborough, Northumbria, Stirling and Cardiff Met) developed a project that now forms part of UK Sports International Development Through Excellence and Leadership in Sport (
IDEALS ) project. 

Students from across the UK will join Sport in Action and EduSport peer leaders in Zambia and spend six weeks over the summer, working in some of the most deprived areas of the nation’s capital, Lusaka.  Part of their function is to help build capacity and contribute in delivering sports activities and HIV/Aids (
Kicking Aids Out ) education programme. Working in joint teams the student leaders will organise and run a wide range of sporting activities, workshops and life skills sessions using donated sporting equipment from various organisations in the United Kingdom. 

The education through sport initiative focuses on the positive impact sport can have in communities blighted with unemployment, poverty, and HIV/AIDS.  Sport acts as a much needed distraction to daily life but perhaps, more importantly sport acts as a tool through which life skills can be learnt such as teamwork and leadership, and at the same time bring communities together reducing violence and promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

The life skills learnt through the programme will promote improved communication, motivation, self development and self reliance thus empowering young people.

Through social and economic empowerment and a reduction in the spread of HIV/AIDS this will ultimately improve the quality of people’s lives in Zambia.

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