Socio-cultural Studies 

The socio-cultural academic area within the Cardiff School of Sport at Cardiff Met houses a number of disparate disciplines. These comprise sociology, cultural studies, philosophy and ethics.  Staff in the area have expertise in critical sociology of both coaching (Professor Robyn Jones), and illness and recovery (Dr. Carly Stewart) as well as the ethics and sociology of sport, leisure and ethnicity, (Prof. Scott Fleming).  Nationalism, national identity and national representation are also a key research area, from both a philosophical and historical perspective (Dr Alun Hardman and Hywel Iorweth).  The discipline group’s unique strength, unlike any other major UK University, is research into, and teaching at all levels of, sports ethics and philosophy (Dr Carwyn Jones, Dr Alun Hardman, Prof Scott Fleming and Lisa Edwards). 

The topics listed are supplemented by investigations into various qualitative writing practices and other methodological considerations and research ethics. Members of the discipline area have published widely in both journals and books, and presented their work nationally and internationally.