Sport Coaching 
Coaching Science

The discipline team for Coaching Science is made up of both National and International coaches and prominent, world-leading researchers within the field. Consequently, the discipline focuses on developing the intellectual understanding, application of the academic disciplines, and theoretical knowledge that underpins the practice of sports coaching. The discipline places particular emphasis on:

• The role of social theory in understanding and managing the practice of sports coaching
• The complex reality of the coaching process
• Developing effective coaching and learning strategies
• The research base underpinning sports coaching and coach education

The discipline team utilise a range of individual and social learning strategies designed to maximise student engagement and development with the goal of preparing students for effective employment or future study in the area of sports coaching. Importantly, the ethos of the Coaching Science team is to support the learning and teaching of the discipline with the most up-to-date research and evidence-base. As a result, many of the team are research active and have published widely in peer-reviewed journals, academic textbooks, professional magazines, and international conference proceedings. Additionally, the discipline has a growing PhD research student population who are at the forefront of developing the theoretical base of the field.

The discipline team are also members of the Cardiff School of Sport Enterprise group ‘Coaching Solutions’. This group is dedicated to the provision of sport coaching solutions for Governing Bodies, Local Authorities and coaches and benefits from the wide range of high quality skills and experiences offered by the discipline’s academic and practical coaching staff. The group have recently completed the following projects:

• The development of a Level 3 coaching qualification for British Gymnastics
• The development of elements of the Welsh Rugby Union Level 4 coaching qualification in accordance with Cardiff Met’s MSc Coaching Science programme
• The development of theoretical modules for a Welsh Football Trust ‘A’ Youth qualification
• Technical report for SCUK regarding the value of reflective practice for sports coaches
• Designed, written, and delivered a core BASES Supervised Experience workshop in reflective practice