Professor Gareth Irwin 

Gareth Irwin
Professor in Sports Biomechanics


Professor (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
Head of Biomechanics & Laboratory Director 

BSc (Hon) Sport & Exercise Sciences, (1997) 1st class University of Wales
PhD Biomechanics, University of Bath, (2005)
Supervisor: Professor David G. Kerwin,
External Examiner: Professor Gert-Peter Brüggemann, Sports University of Cologne, Institute for Biomechanics and Orthopaedics, Germany


My research philosophy is driven by a desire to understand and explain sporting performance using grounded scientific methods to address meaningful questions that inform researchers, coaches, performers and clinicians. There are two themes, which reflect this philosophy: The coaching biomechanics interface and Sports medicine and injury. The first theme examines research questions aimed at making training more effective and efficient, and ultimately embedding scientific rigour within the coaching environment. The second examines the role of the sports clinician and examines the underlying mechanisms associated with the aetiology of injury. In particular it seeks to explain how biological failures result from internal and external loading associated with abnormal segmental orientations. Ecological validity permeates my research. This facilitates and underpins the transfer of research findings into practical settings and applications.

My overall philosophy has attracted collaboration with like-minded academics locally, nationally and internationally. Measures of the success of this approach can be seen in the growth of the school’s ‘Sports Biomechanics Research Group’, the securing of cherished research funding and my recognition at national and international levels through awards, invitations, outputs and international committee memberships. 

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