European Funding 

Since 2008, Cardiff Metropolitan University has seen a significant increase in bidding activity for European funding across all Schools, Units and Centres encompassing three broad areas:

  • Research and Development Projects
  • Multilateral Transnational Mobility Projects
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer

With over 250 sources of European funding available to support a range of activities, Research & Enterprise Services continues to support and develop the recent growth in European project activity.

In recent years a number of significant projects have been approved, examples of which can be found below:

Interactive Technologies in Learning Environments LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) to go SEE Project
ASTUTE European Social Funded Projects Erasmus Intensive Programme – Performance Analysis Short Course

The importance of networking and 'smart partnering'

Transnational networks are crucial to the successful development, submission and delivery of European Projects. These can be pre-existing or can be developed through a "smart partnering" approach.

An example of the former is the success in the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window and Tempus Multilateral Projects where well-established networks have been used by the International Office as a core to develop activities further.

An example of the second is EcoDesign Centre's (EDC) success in the ''LCA to go'' project. EDC used WG Wales European Collaboration Fund (WECF) to develop strategic partnerships with key players in the Eco Innovation area. This lead to EDC being invited to participate in an FP7 proposal and the WECF fund was used again, this time to use a consultant to develop the proposal and provide useful guidance on Cardiff Met's contribution.

Making use of this fund and other available mobility funds in order to develop networks and consortia for projects of all kinds is to be encouraged.