Cardiff Metropolitan University is committed to maintaining standards of professional conduct in all university and research activities. Central to the principles that guide our personal and corporate actions is they must be conducted in accordance with the highest contemporary ethics standards.

To allow a fast and convenient route to promote, and resolve, any ethical issues that you might feel affect you or the University in general, below you will find the process for submitting an ethical issue, problem or proposal for consideration.

There are two routes to raise a concern or promote an idea;

Route One
Most ethics issues are dealt with directly by School Ethics Committees which provide a specialised service dedicated to the specific schools needs. This committee may then, on occasion, decide to refer to the University Ethics Committee (UEC) which has a much broader and advisory role. School committees will be the route most applications for ethics approval or advice will follow.
For details of the School committees, click here.

Route Two
There may be times however when your concern does not fit within a school framework, or you may work for a unit. If this is the case you may feel you need to contact UEC for personal reasons. In that event, you may follow the second route that submits directly to the Chair of that committee. 
For details of UEC, click here.

The process for following either of these pathways is shown in this flow chart

In general terms, it is not the role of an ethics committee to examine personal complaints or issues for which there are other procedures laid down by the university.

Other Information
For information regarding using human tissue, please click here.

For useful documents and guidance notes, please click here.