What we do 
Widening Access aims to ensure that people of any age, background or ethnic group are given a fair and equal opportunity to study  in a supported manner. We are committed to ensuring that everyonewith the determination, skills and desire to access Higher Education should be able to do so.

We undersand how important it is to work closely with local communities to help raise aspirationsand encourage all people who may think Higher Education is 'not for them' to start thinking about the opportunities available to them.

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Summer School

The Summer School is run each July and provides an opportunity for adults to try some new learning for free. We run over 50 free courses throughout the month both on campus and in various community locations.  Courses are either introduction to subjects that learning could then consider taking at Cardiff Metropolitan University or are linked to study skills to improve your skills as a learner.

96% of Summer School attendees said the course that they attended was either good or excellent.  Whoever you are we have a course that you will enjoy and feel comfortable studying.

Please click here for the 2012 Summer School brochure.  2013 Summer School brochure coming soon!

Adult Engagement

Widening Access also run a number of courses throughout the year, many of which are FREE of charge which may help you learn more about diffeent subjects and think about going to Univeristy.  Click here for our Widening Access course brochure 2012/2013

We still have some vacancies for our FREE short courses in April. Please see details below.

Creative Writing

 Length of course: 2 hours x 7 weeks

Date of course: From 12 April 2013 10am - 12pm

Venue: Michaelston Adult Centre


About the course:

The aim of the course is to simply have fun with being creative, to make

the process of writing accessible to all types of people, regardless of

gender, age or culture. It is an accessible course that aims to inspire and

provide a starting point for people to discover and develop their interests

and talents. Via a series of writing exercises that literally get the creative

juices flowing, we will explore examples of creative writing, find out what

inspires the students and hopefully provide inspiration from the selected

pieces and personal experiences.



Introduction to Youth and Community Education


Length of course: 4 days

Date of course: 18 and 19 April and the 26 and 27 April 2012

Venue: Michaelston Adult Centre


About the course:

More and more people are keen to make a difference in their

communities but lack the knowledge about how best to get involved. This course is designed as an introduction for those who wish to undertake professional training in youth and community work and those who would like to know more about studying in this area.


It is ideal for:


·       people who care about their community and want to know more

·       youth or community workers without much experience of studying


Themes that will be developed within the course include:


·       learning from experience; coping in new surroundings and understanding others.

Its all about me!

 Length of course: 5 hours x 5 weeks

Date of course: From Monday 15 April 2013 10am – 3 pm

Venue: Severn Road Neighbourhood Learning Centre


About the course:

Have you reached a cross-roads in your life and career? “It’s all about

me”, is an engaging, informative and fun course, and will give you the

confidence and inspiration to discover your strengths and your goals,

learn job search and enterprise skills and develop a personal "passport"

for your future.


Sporting Chance


Length of course: 2 hours x 5 weeks

Date of course: starting 16 April 2013 2pm – 4pm

Venue: Powerhouse Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Llanedeyrn


About the course:

The content of the course can be quite fluid, we can adapt the spine of

the course to meet the needs and interest of the group. If we find the

main drive is towards conditioning work then we can concentrate on this

area, however, we will always return to our schedule so we deliver a

balanced and varied content to the class.

Heart-rate response to exercise, Hydration, Simple Nutrition,

Supplementation, Goal Setting, Resistance exercise, Aerobic - repeated

work, Body Management, Anarobic - strength, speed and power, Skill

Acquisition, Flexibility, Fitness Testing, Lifestyle issues, Health.

Whilst the majority of the course will be outreach, there will also be trips

to the University where we will make use of the facilities to illustrate our

course content.


 If you would like to book on any of these courses, please e mail wideningaccess@cardiffmet.ac.uk. or ring Widening Access on 029 2020 1563.   In order to book on these coureses we need your name, address, contact tel no, e mail, date of birth and nationality.

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