UCAS Conventions 
UCAS Convention

UCAS fairs are organised with the student in mind and are run all around the UK. Most include specific seminars on important topics such as finance, gap years and so on. UCAS events are divided into Categories according to the size of the event from Category A being the largest to Category B/C events. At Category A events there will be over 100 universities represented to help students make that all important choice of what course to study and where to go.

Cardiff Metropolitan University attends most UCAS conventions held around the UK and is also host to the Category A Cardiff UCAS event, held in April.  With over eight years of experience in running this event and in attending these fairs, our qualified staff are well-equipped in answering any questions you may have. 

Below is a list of UCAS events taking place in 2013.

  27-28 London (also 01 March)
  01 London (also 27-28 February)
  05 North East Wales
  06-07 Northern Ireland 
  11 Cornwall
  12-13 Exeter
  14-15 Hampshire and Isle of Wight
  18-19 Surrey
  19-20 Manchester
  20-21 East Midlands
  21 Lancashire
  22 Hereford and Worcester
  25-26 Sussex
  25-26 Thames Valley
  27 Staffordshire
  16 Cardiff 
  17 Durham 
  17 West Wales
  18 Tynside
  19 Dorset
  23-24 Bristol
  24-25 Kent and Medway
  11 Norfolk 
  11 North West Wales
  12 Suffolk
  12-13 Merseyside
  13-14 Hertfordshire
  18 Humberside
  18 Lincolnshire
  19 Cambridgeshire
  19-20 West and North Yorkshire
  21 Sheffield 
  26-27 Essex
  27-28 Birmingham
  28 East London
  02-03 Northamptonshire
  05 North and West Cumbria

 For further information on UCAS conventions please see www.ucas.com/events/conventions