Cardiff Met holds various copyright licences in support of teaching, learning and research – by students and academic and administrative staff. The relevant UK legislation is the Copyright, Design and Patents Act (1988).

Copyright licences held by Cardiff Met:

Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

The Photocopying & Scanning Licence permits the multiple photocopying of extracts and scans* of extracts from printed books, journals and magazines, providing that the copyright restrictions* have been checked.

For further information please see CLA Website.

Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS)

In the UK, DACS represent 40,000 artists from all over the world. The licence permits the copying of artistic works and the making of slides of artistic works within certain limits. For further information or contact Jenny Godfrey (Information Advisor – Slide Library)

Educational Recording Agency (ERA)

The ERA Licensing Scheme permits staff at education establishments to record for educational purposes any radio or television broadcast output. For further details

Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA)

This license permits the photocopying of articles from a range of national and regional newspapers. For further details

UK Copyright Law in relation to Interlibrary Loans – Photocopy of Articles:

Requesters are required to sign a copyright declaration form stating that the photocopy will be used for non-commercial use, such as private study or non-commercial research. The signature must be the personal signature of the persin making the request.

It is important that photocopies obtained for Commercial purposes are declared for and a copyright fee paid. Example of commercial purpose could be work paid for by an external company; work that will lead to profit or royalties; and sponsored research.