Serbia is located in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula, in south-east Europe. The international roads and railway lines, which run through the country’s river valleys, form the shortest link between Western Europe and the Middle East, making the country an important transport route.

In the north, the climate is more continental, with cold winters, and hot, humid summers along with well distributed rainfall patterns. In the south, summers and autumns are drier, and winters are relatively cold, with heavy inland snowfall in the mountains.

Education in Serbia is regulated by the Ministry of Science and Education. Serbia has a rich tradition of contributing to the field of science and technology. Scientist, inventor, and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla patented numerous inventions and was an important contributor to the birth of commercial electricity in the United States.

Serbia is an official candidate for membership in the European Union. It is an upper-middle income economy which ranks highest in the region in terms of democracy scores and overall democratic, economic and governance transformation.

The cultural and historical heritage of Serbia begins with prehistoric archaeological sites and its legacy from classical antiquity. There were many famous royal cities and palaces in Serbia at the time of Roman Empire and early Byzantine Empire, traces of which can still be found. Influences on Serbian cuisine have been rich and varied; it first began as a mixture of Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hungarian cooking. *

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* Source: Wikipedia