Armenia is the only country remaining from 3,000 year old maps of Anatolia. 

The climate in Armenia is markedly continental. Summers are dry and sunny, lasting from June to mid-September.  Winters are quite cold with plenty of snow, with temperatures ranging between -10 and -5 °C, ideal for winter sport enthusiasts!

The Yerevan State Medical University trains medical staff for not only Armenia and neighbour countries, i.e. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, but also many other leading countries all over the world. A great number of foreign students from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the USA and Russian Federation study together with Armenian students.

Armenia is a unitary, multi-party, democratic nation-state with an ancient cultural heritage, becoming the world's first Christian country in 301 AD.

As a former Soviet republic lying in the Caucasus region, straddling Asia and Europe, Armenia has an ancient and rich culture with strong influences from both its Eastern neighbours, as well as an underlying influence from Europe to the west. The most popular sports played in Armenia are wrestling, weightlifting, judo, association football, chess, and boxing. Armenia's mountainous terrain provides great opportunities for the practice of sports like skiing and climbing. *

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* Source: Wikipedia