Meet the staff 

Our dedicated team have a combined experience of 100 years in various countries all over the world.

The staff at the ELTC come from a variety of backgrounds including literacy, education, business, linguistics and marketing.

Gabriel Roberts – ELTC Director

Gabriel has been involved in English teaching since 1998 and has worked in many countries around the world including Japan, South Korea and Mexico. In his time as an English teacher he has taught all kinds of groups from kindergarten classes, to the heads of the North Region of the largest oil company in the world - Pemex (Mexico). Gabriel has given papers at conferences in the UK on using technology in English Language Teaching and innovations in Widening Participation. He has given lectures on linguistics and pedagogy in Chinese universities.
Since 2002, he has been training students in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).  In 2006 he worked with the refugee support group Displaced People in Action (DPiA) helping to set up an IELTS course to enable refugee doctors to obtain necessary qualifications in English. During this time he also ran his own online free-access ELT lesson plan bank called EVOLVE. Over the past four years, he has worked with the Welsh Refugee Council on TEFL teacher training projects. He has also been involved in delivering free of charge IELTS classes to members of the refugee community in conjunction with UWIC’s Widening Access team. In 2010 this project was shortlisted for a Times Higher Education Award in Widening Participation. His doctorate research is based on advancing stabilised language errors in refugee doctors. Gabriel is a musician and member of Mensa.

Christine Faulkner – ELTC Manager

Following many years in the financial services industry, Christine started teaching in 2003.  Having completed her CELTA at Bristol University, she worked at the Parade ESOL Service for five years, teaching students in in-house, outreach and workplace classes.  Latterly, she was the development officer managing this workplace provision.  She completed her PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and Training at UWIC in 2007 and joined UWIC as a member of staff in 2008.  She is the ELTC Manager and module leader for the Academic Development module on the International Foundation Course and she also developed this module.  She teaches on both the Pre-Sessional and International Foundation Courses, as well as looking after the day to day administration of the centre. 
She attended IATEFL in April 2009, the second ESCalate Student Conference at the University of Glamorgan in April 2010, and the Preparing for Success Workshop at Southampton University in November 2011. Christine’s dissertation for her Masters in Education examines the English language learning experiences of Chinese students.  Christine enjoys running and has completed the Cardiff Half Marathon twice. 

Dr. David Greenslade – Module Leader

Dr David Greenslade has taught English as a second language in Japan and in the Middle East.  He has also taught English as a first (and second language) at universities in Europe and the UK.  All three of his degrees are in language teaching.  His BA is a degree in bilingual education,  his MA is in the teaching of writing and his PhD is a study of literacy and creative thinking.   He publishes regularly in professional journals and with commercial publishers.   Professional writing includes studies of student behaviour, studies of metaphor and a survey of testing.   Other books include essays on the iconography of Wales, reflections on the Welsh/English experience and the biography of an Arab female traveller.   He has also published a novel, poetry and books for children.  He contributes articles to Voices the magazine for the International Association of Teachers  of English as a Foreign Language.

Gwen Baines – Module Leader

Gwen has a long and varied experience of teaching English at universities in both the UK and France.  After completing her BA and MA at the Sorbonne in Paris, she taught English to students of law, economics, psychology, sociology and science at several French universities.  She has prepared students for all of the major exams necessary for entry into US and UK universities and was head of an International Affairs module at a leading Parisian business school. At the Savoie University, she set up and developed an IT language learning laboratory and, since returning to the UK, has continued to develop interactive and web-based support and exam preparation materials for international students. She is the English for Academic Purposes module leader for the International Foundation Course and for the Pre-Sessional groups in the ELTC and has also worked with the Refugee Council of Wales delivering workshops on aspects of the research process and English for Academic Purposes.  She is also a practising artist and exhibits regularly in the UK and France.

Paul Brooks – Tutor

Paul has been teaching since 2002.  Initially training as a primary school teacher in Key stages 1 and 2. After completing a BA (Hons) Education, he then took a post in East Asia where he taught firstly in private education and then worked with a variety of companies, designing curricula to suit their specific language needs.  Paul then worked in international marketing and brand sourcing, assisting in the creation and implementation of developmental strategies , both cultural and linguistic, for building  business relationships between Asia and the UK. 

A keen teacher of study skills and business strategies, Paul’s areas of interest lie in the burgeoning clothing industry with a particular focus on the emergent east and south-east Asian markets. He has also been involved in website development, design and production within the luxury goods industry and uses this technical knowledge to guide students in the classroom.

Michael Leahy – Tutor

Michael Leahy has been teaching English as a foreign language since obtaining his Cambridge Certificate in TEFL 2004 when he started his career in Chile, South America. There he mainly worked at local universities as well as at the Naval School of Languages and for a multinational mining company. Michael has been involved in teaching English in his home town, Cardiff, since 2006.

In 2009 he completed his Trinity Diploma in TESOL before spending 2010 and 2011 working for International House in Portugal where he designed and delivered training seminars as part of the Teacher Development Programme on both a local and national level.

He is currently working on Cardiff Metropolitan University’s International Foundation Course as well as on Cardiff University’s Live Local Learn Local project contributing to developing academic study skills and helping children learn.
His academic interests are centred around bilingual upbringing.