The SLT Profession 

Speech and Language Therapy is a challenging and interesting profession which works with people of all ages who have swallowing and/or communication difficulties. A therapist may work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, schools and the patient’s home, in order to develop, rehabilitate or maintain the skills of the patient.

Communication difficulties may affect people’s speech, language, voice, fluency and /or social interaction skills. The therapist may work directly with the patient and their family in 1:1 or group settings, or provide training and support to other professionals. The SLT is often part of a multi-disciplinary team, working together to support the patient.

An SLT has opportunities work within by the National Health Service, Education, Charitable Organisations, Youth Offending Teams or provide therapy independently.

Many SLTs also undertake postgraduate research, often combing this with their clinical work.

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