Research activity in the Centre for Speech and Language Therapy is primarily concerned with phonological acquisition in typical and atypical populations, with a particular focus on the phonological development of bilingual children and adults. Much of this research is conducted collaboratively with the ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism in Theory and Practice, Bangor University.

Recent projects include work on sociophonetic variation in Welsh-English bilinguals, first language attrition in the speech of bilingual monozygotic twins (both with Ineke Mennen, ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism in Theory and Practice, Bangor University), consonant cluster acquisition in Welsh-English bilingual children, individual variation in the development of L2 vowel perception (with Paola Escudero, Institute of Phonetic Sciences, University of Amsterdam), an acoustic study of the vowels of Northern and Southern Welsh, and a project on the nature of front rounded vowels (with Torsten Müller, Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany).

The Centre currently has two PhD students: Rhonwen Jones, who is working on early phonological development in Welsh-English bilingual children, and Sarah Patten, who is investigating the efficacy of speech perception assessments in hearing-impaired children.

.) British Academy Small Research Grant: Sociophonetic variation in a language contact situation: The case of Welsh and Welsh English, (PI: Robert Mayr, co-applicant: Ineke Mennen, Bangor University), September 2012 - March 2014.

.) Welsh Medium Doctoral Scholarship (ca. £60,000 over 4 years); funder: Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (Sept 2010-); scholarship holder: Rhonwen Jones.

.) Cardiff School of Health Sciences Small Grant (April 2007)

Selected publications
Mayr, R., Price, S. & Mennen, I. (2012) First language attrition in the speech of Dutch-English bilinguals: the case of monozygotic twin sisters, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, first published online on 9 February 2012, DOI: 10.1017/S136672891100071X

Mayr, R., Jones, D. & Mennen, I. (in press) Speech learning in bilinguals: the case of consonant cluster acquisition in Welsh-English bilingual children. In Thomas, E. & Mennen, I. (eds.) Unravelling bilingualism: cross-disciplinary and cross-linguistic perspectives. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.

Mayr, R. & Davies, H.(2011) A cross-dialectal acoustic study of the monophthongs and diphthongs of Welsh, Journal of the International Phonetic Association 41 (1): 1-25

Mayr, R. & Escudero, P. (2010) Explaining individual variation in L2 perception: rounded vowels in English learners of German, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 13 (3): 279-297.

Mayr, R. (2010) What exactly is a front rounded vowel? An acoustic and articulatory investigation of the NURSE vowel in South Wales English, Journal of the International Phonetic Association 40 (1): 93-112.

Thomas, E. & Mayr, R. (2010) Children’s acquisition of Welsh in a bilingual setting: a psycholinguistic perspective, In: Morris, D. (ed.) Welsh in the 21st Century. Cardiff: Cardiff University Press, pp. 99-117.

For further information on research activities in SLT as well as on post-graduate research opportunities in Speech and Language Therapy and linguistics, please contact Dr Robert Mayr.