Economic and Social Research Council Seminars 

A Multidisciplinary ESRC Seminar Series Exploring Motivation for Treatment Engagement and Behaviour Change

Researchers in Addictions, Health and Forensic psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan Univesity are delighted to be hosting an ESRC seminar series examining current research and practice in motivation for treatment engagement and behaviour change, across disciplines. Attendance is free for all delegates and represents a good opportunity for continuing professional development (CPD).

Hard to treat clients can be difficult to engage regardless of whether they are treated by addictions experts, health professionals or forensic specialists; approaches which have been successful in one discipline, may have much to offer other disciplines and professionals. These seminars are aimed at practitioners and academics across addictions, health and forensic disciplines and will enable delegates to challenge their current thinking and practice with their clients.

The seminars will bring together academics, practitioners and policy decision makers from across the UK, providing delegates the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines with those who have a common interest in motivating clients for treatment engagement and behaviour change.

Five of the seminars will have national and international experts from different disciplines who will focus on a particular approach, with talks in the morning and discussion groups in the afternoon. The final seminar will concentrate on future directions of research and practice in motivation, across disciplines.

The approaches to be presented so far are:

Stages of Change – Tuesday 5th January 2010

(Speakers include: Dr Jason Davies, Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University NHS Trust; Professor Stuart Biddle, Loughborough University)

Treatment Readiness – Tuesday 30th March

(Speakers include: Professor Kevin Howells, Nottingham University; Associate Professor Andrew Day, Deacon University, Melbourne, Australia)

Goal Based Approaches – 18th June 2010

(Speakers include: Professor Mary McMurran, Nottingham University; Professor Miles Cox, Bangor University)

Motivational Interviewing – 8th September 2010

Professor Stephen Rollnick, Cardiff University (Professor in Primary Care and Public Health);

Systemic Approaches – date to be confirmed (December 2010)

(Speakers include: Dr Andrea Davies and Dr John Doran, The Forge Centre, Community Mental Health Team)

Future Directions – date to be confirmed (Easter 2011)

Details will be updated regularly on this website

Attendance is free, but registration is required. For more information and an ESRC Seminar Registration form, please email Jackie Michell at :

The Cardiff Metropolitan Univesity research team involved in these seminars is:

Dr Joselyn Sellen

Dr Katie Thirlaway

Dr Debbie Clayton

Dr Caroline Limbert

Dr Tina Alwyn

Dr Alyson Smith