Stress and Well-being 

The group is involved in 2 projects investigating work-related health and well-being. The first project is an evaluation of the impact of a work-based physical activity intervention on physical fitness and psychological well-being in employees who take up the offer of a Health MOT and free gym membership by their employer. The second study is an evaluation of health, well-being and work-related stress in a large organization in South Wales.

  • PhD: Jemma Hawkins
  • MSc: To be confirmed

Selected Publications
  • 2009 Thirlaway KJ & Upton D. The Psychology of Lifestyle: Changing Unhealthy Behaviour. London: Routledge.
  • 2005 Thirlaway KJ & Heggs D. Interpreting risk messages: Women’s responses to a health story. Health, Risk and Society 7: 107-121.
  • 1997 Thirlaway KJ & Benton D. Exercise and Mental Health: The Role of activity and fitness. In Workplace health: Employee Fitness and Exercise. Editors Kerr J, Griffiths A & Cox T. Taylor & Francis Ltd. London.

  • Chris Deacy: Health and Safety Officer

  • Katie Thirlaway PhD, C Psychol, HPC registered practitioner health psychologist, Principal Lecturer, Group Co-ordinator
  • Caroline Limbert PhD, C Psychol, HPC registered practitioner health psychologist, Senior Lecturer
  • Phil Harris, Senior Lecturer
  • Jemma Hawkins BSc, Research Assistant