Health Psycology
Health Psychology Research Group 

The Health Psychology Research Group has a primary research focus on health behaviours, risk communication and behavioural change. We also work collaboratively with other research groups with an interest in health behaviour for instance: the Ageing Research Group, Wales Diabetes UK, Swansea University and Glamorgan University.

We conduct internationally recognized research and also provide high quality training to practitioners in applied settings. The group has strong links with a range of health service providers including Cardiff Public Health Team, Institute of Medical Genetics and Cardiff and the Vale NHS Trust. HPRG carries out research on a range of projects relevant to our understanding of health behaviour: Alcohol education, abuse and addiction; attitudes and beliefs in food safety; food choices; effects of food on mood and mental performance; risk perception and communication; physical activity; complementary therapies; eating disorders; management of stress and healthy ageing.

Current Research Projects
  • Like mother, like daughter: an inter-generational study of food choices
  • Healthy ageing: The effect of outdoor activities on physiological and physical health
  • Retirement and lifestyle behaviours
  • Combined effects of diet and stress on biological markers of ageing
  • Stress and well-being in the workplace
  • Encouraging physical activity in the workplace
  • Stress in Omani women
  • Evaluating marriage preparation programmes in the Oman
  • An explanation of the social and cultural constructions of adolescent fathers in British society

Training programmes
  • Obesity: Is it all in the mind?
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Anger Management

Research Grants
  • ESRC Funded Seminar Series: Motivational Interventions for treatment engagement and behavior change

Group Members
  • Tina Alwyn PhD
    C Psychol, Reader in Addictions
  • Katie Thirlaway PhD
    C Psychol, HPC registered practitioner health psychologist, Principal Lecturer, Group Co-ordinator
  • Caroline Limbert PhD
    C Psychol, HPC registered practitioner health psychologist, Senior Lecturer
  • Daniel Heggs PhD
    Senior Lecturer
  • Jenny Mercer PhD
    Senior Lecturer
  • Alyson Smith PhD
    DclinPsy, HPC registered practitioner clinical psychologist, Senior Lecturer
  • Paul Hewlett PhD
    C Psychol, Lecturer
  • Debbie Clayton PhD
  • Lalage Sanders PhD
    C Psychol, Head of Psychology, Principal Lecturer, Graduate studies Coordinator
  • Shirley Hobbis BSc
    Research Student
  • Jemma Hawkins BSc
    Research Assistant
  • Joann Warner BSc
    Research Asistant
  • Debra Kwan BSc
    Research Student