Healthy Ageing 

This group is running a number of projects investigating psycho-social factors that support healthy ageing. These include a project looking at the impact of retirement on healthy ageing. In this mixed methods project participants are being followed through the process of retirement to investigate the impact of retirement on their lifestyle choices with the overarching aim of informing interventions to support positive lifestyle choices during retirement.

A second project takes a slightly different tack looking at how indoor and outdoor physical activity impact on health. Physical activity is established as improving health outcomes and reducing the likelihood of development chronic conditions when older. However, the precise mechanism of effect is not established, it may improve health through acting as a "stress buffer". A final project is investigating the impact of stress and the possible mitigating effect of diet on ageing, looking at oxidative stress and telomere shortening.

Research Students
  • PhD student, Shirley Hobbis. BARS funded. Due to complete September 2010 (DoS, K Thirlaway; supervisor, L Sanders and L Hendry)
  • PhD student, Jemma Hawkins. ADF funded. Due to complete 2011 (DoS, D Clayton supervisor, K Backx and K Thirlaway
  • PhD student, Joann Warner. ADF funded. Due to complete 2011 (DoS, P Hewlett; supervisor, K Morris and R Fairchild)

Selected Publications
  • 2009 Thirlaway KJ & Upton D. The Psychology of Lifestyle: Changing Unhealthy Behaviour.London: Routledge.
  • 2005 Thirlaway KJ & Heggs D. Interpreting risk messages: Women’s responses to a health story. Health, Risk and Society 7: 107-121.
  • 1996 Thirlaway KJ & Benton D. Exercise and Mental Health: The Role of activity and fitness. In Workplace health: Employee Fitness and Exercise. Editors Kerr J, Griffiths A & Cox T. Taylor & Francis Ltd. London.

  • Professor Leo Hendry, Glamorgan University, UK.

Group Members
  • Katie Thirlaway PhD
    C Psychol, HPC registered practitioner health psychologist, Principal Lecturer, Group Co-ordinator
  • Paul HewlettPhD
    C Psychol, Lecturer
  • Debbie ClaytonPhD
  • Lalage SandersPhD
    C Psychol, Principal Lecturer, Head of Psychology, Graduate studies Coordinator
  • Karianne BackxPhD
    Senior Lecturer
  • Shirley Hobbis BSc
  • Jemma Hawkins BSc
  • Joann Warner BSc
  • Debra Kwan BSc