Offenders Motivation 

This includes developing measures of motivation, as well as enhancing motivation, for treatment engagement and change.

One major project is a randomised control trial investigating the effectiveness of a motivation intervention, and another is concerned with motivation for employment, including understanding barriers to employment.

Recent smaller projects have included a comparison of motivational interventions with sex offenders, and also an investigation into motivation in young people in prison (youth offenders aged 15-17).

Group members
  • Joselyn Sellen
  • Daniel Heggs
  • Andy Watt
  • Jacqui Campbell
  • Anna Sweeney
  • Iva Nekovarova

  • PhD student, Jacqui Campbell.  BARS funded.  Due to complete September 2009 (DoS, J Sellen; supervisor, A Watt).
  • PhD student, Anna Sweeney.  Cardiff Metropolitan University funded. Due to complete 2009. (DoS, A Watt; supervisor, L Sanders).
  • PhD student, Iva Nekovarova.  BARS funded. Currently in year 1 (DoS, D Heggs; supervisor, J Sellen)

  • Matthew Gobbett, Forensic Psychologist in Training, NOMS, Cymru

  • Professor Mary McMurran, Nottingham University, UK
  • Professor Miles Cox, Bangor University, UK
  • Professor Eric Klinger, Minnesota University, USA

Selected Publications
  • Sellen, J.L., McMurran, M., Theodosi, E., Cox, M. and Klinger, E. (2009). Validity of the offender version of the Personal Concerns Inventory with adult male prisoners. Psychology, Crime & Law, Vol 15 (5), 451-468.
  • McMurran, M., Theodosi, E., Sweeney, A. and Sellen, J. (2008). What do prisoners want? Current concerns of adult male prisoners. Psychology, Crime & Law, 14 (3), 267-274.
  • McMurran, M., Sellen, J.L. and Theodosi, E. (2007). The Personal Concerns Inventory: Offender Adaptation (PCI:OA): The structure of offenders’ motivation.  In E. Sullivan (Ed.), Offenders’ motivation to change. Issues in Criminological and Legal Psychology, No. 7, pp. 81-87. Leicester: The British Psychological Society.
  • McMurran, M., Theodosi, E., & Sellen, J. (2006).  Measuring engagement in therapy and motivation to change in adult prisoners: A brief report. Criminal Behaviour & Mental Health, 16 (2), 124-129.
  • Sellen, J.L., McMurran, M., Cox, M., Theodosi, E. and Klinger, E.  (2006). The Personal Concerns Inventory (Offender Adaptation):  Measuring and Enhancing Motivation to Change. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 50, 3, 294-305.

Selected Conference Presentations
  • Sellen, Campbell, Gobbett, James & Kearney (2009). Symposium. Motivation for change in offenders, examining the versatility of the Personal Aspirations and Concerns Inventory for Offenders. British Psychological Society, Division of Forensic Psychology. Lancaster, UK.
  • Sellen, J.L., McMurran, M., Theodosi, E., Cox, M. and Klinger, E.  (2006). Developing the Personal Concerns Inventory for Offenders. Reliability and Validity. International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services Conference, Amsterdam, June, 2006.

  • ESRC Seminar series interdisciplinary application with health and addictions. Awarded 2009.