Diploma in Retail Standards Auditing 

The University of Wales Institute Cardiff is working in partnership with FoodCheck Ltd developing the course which is aimed at employees in the retail, distribution, catering and lodgings sectors who are or who wish to become involved in undertaking audits of in-house standards. The course is web based and enables trainees to study at their own pace. Regional support will be provided and on–line study will be linked to practical training and assessment at regional centres.

The course has been validated by the University and is subject to its academic quality assurance procedures.

The University will administer the course and will issue certificates to successful candidates.

Educational Aims of the Course
The course fulfills UWIC’s and the Schools strategic mission to widen access and provide quality learning opportunities to a range of client bases.

In particular it aims to:

arrow image Provide students with access to a structured training experience designed to meet their vocational and educational needs.
arrow image Provide a stimulating learning experience that develops:
Core knowledge and skills essential for effective auditing.
Sector specific knowledge essential for effective auditing.
Give students the opportunity to learn how to use leading edge audit software and data collection systems and recognise their benefits for both the audit process and the retail sector.

Outline Course Details
arrow image Entry Requirements

Entry can be made at any time

arrow image Prerequisites
Minimum age of 21 years
Minimum of two years experience of working in the retail sector
Minimum of 26 documented audits within the sector (employer written confirmation on standard letter and two copies of completed reports signed by applicant). Such audits would typically comprise an end of week audit of a department to assess compliance with standard operating procedures.

arrow image Launch Date
To be confirmed

arrow image Course Content

  Study Hours
Stage One – Units  
Underpinning Health and Safety - Compulsory 8
Underpinning Food Hygiene - Compulsory 22
Principles of Auditing - Compulsory 8
Stage Two - units  
Principles of Accredited Auditing - Compulsory 4
Audit Standards Retailing - Optional 4
Audit Standards Catering - Optional 4
Audit Standards Lodgings - Optional 4
Audit Standards Warehousing and Distribution - Optional 8
Health and Safety in the Warehouse - Note 8
Audit Standards Non Food - Optional 4

arrow image Study Requirements
All compulsory units to be completed
One Optional Unit is required to achieve the relevant endorsement e.g.
Diploma in Retail Standards Auditing (Retailing)
Diploma in Retail Standards Auditing (Warehousing and Distribution)

Note: candidates wishing to receive an endorsement in Warehousing and Distribution are required to complete the Health and Safety in the Warehouse Unit (based upon HS(G)76)

Additional endorsements can be added on successful completion of the Stage Two units.

arrow image Method of Study
Self Paced
Web-based interactive learning linked to Regional Assessment Centres

arrow image Assessment Method
End of Unit Tests - web based
End of Stage Tests – Regional Centres (University Invigilators)
Practical Tests - Regional Centres (University Invigilators)

arrow image Course Fees
These have yet to be finalised and the following costs are for guidance only and form no part of an offer or contract:
£35 per unit
£95 in total for both study schools (compulsory) – one at the end of each stage.
The above costs are inclusive of examination fees
Accommodation to be arranged by student at their cost.

Please note that we are continually developing our training programmes and welcome any enquiries and requests.