About Us 

The Centre for Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE), is based in the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) and provides research, consultancy and training services to organisations in the public and private sectors.

The CHSE can act as a focal point to those organisations wishing to ensure legal compliance and enhance their health, safety and environmental performance.

A range of consultancy services are offered relating to environmental and occupational health and safety risk management.

The centre welcomes independent and collaborative research opportunities as well as feasibility studies for companies and organisations. The centre is actively involved in research and bids in the following areas:

arrow image Occupational Health Assessment
arrow image Effects on respiratory health
arrow image Bio aerosol / Endotoxin and Glucan exposure from commercial composting activities
arrow image The influence of the perception of risk on risk-taking behavior 
arrow image Behavioral, Attitude and Organisational Change

Opportunities also exist for industrial and commercial partners to collaborate with the CHSE through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) initiative. This programme enables companies to utilise the expertise and resources of the University and the skills of recent graduates.