Student Voice 

What Our Graduates Say About Their Experience With Us
We asked former students three questions, and this is what they said...

Why Choose Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University?
  • "I chose the Psychology course at Cardiff Met because it provided a really good 'grounding' of the field, with units broken down into interesting and manageable units."
  • "I received feedback from recent graduates who both really praised the course for the quality of the lectures and staff support. They also described it as a relaxed and enjoyable environment, and that the course was less stressful than (some unis) due to only having summer exams! I explored the psychology department WebPages and the modules offered in each year, and this appealed to me too."
  • "For me Cardiff was a great city that I loved before coming to University. When visiting uni open days Cardiff Met won me over, everyone was really friendly and I liked the fact that the campus was fairly small compared to others I had visited."
  • "The course had all the module criteria that I needed and a wide variety of subjects. The BPS approval was a very important aspect of choosing the course."
  • "They gave me a chance through widening access as I did not really fit the profile as a student: minimal formal qualifications, older than the average student age."
  • "Psychology is so diverse and enables people to change their career options even after completing their degree."
  • "I chose to study at Cardiff Met because it offered the Psychology degree that suited both my interests and career plans. I also felt that the smaller university felt more welcoming and personal."
  • "When visiting CMU I felt that there was a much friendlier vibe from staff and students and I knew I would be happy studying there."

What Did You Think Of The Course?
  • "It stretched me academically, it confronted my preconceived ideas about psychological processes, it educated me to a level that meant I could go on and gain a higher qualification."
  • "I found the course fantastic, and can see why it was recommended to me. The staff are absolutely committed to providing support to students and ensuring that lectures are delivered in an interesting and engaging way. There is great variety in course content, making it easy for students to pursue their own interests as well as considering other approaches and ideas. It was thoroughly enjoyable and think it has given me a really solid grounding in psychology."
  • "I feel it has given me the skills to continue studying and will also help me in employment."
  • "I think the course had many benefits such as being allowed to study a vast amount of topic areas which helped me to decide what area I was most interested in."
  • "It introduced me to a wide range of perspectives on psychology. I also gained a good knowledge of research methods on the course."

Would You Recommend The Course?
  • "I would definitely recommend studying at CMU, I had an amazing time there, I met so many people and made so many new friends. I gained a lot from going to university and would tell anyone thinking about it to go for it. I really enjoyed the course. I really enjoyed and felt like it was definitely the right choice for me!"
  • "I would recommend studying psychology at Cardiff Met to anyone seeking a thorough grounding in the subject, along with opportunities for both personal and career development."
  • "I would recommend the psychology course at CMU because it provides a wide range of perspectives in psychology and gives students a good grounding in quantitative and qualitative research methods."
  • "Absolutely. Having enjoyed the entire three years, I can honestly say I wouldn't have wanted to do my undergrad anywhere else."
  • "I would definitely recommend CMU and their psychology course. Particularly because of the strong focus on research methods and statistics, which I have found invaluable in my research career."
  • "I would highly recommend the CMU course, and really feel it has enriched my life, in terms of knowledge, jobs, and I made loads of friends! In particular, I felt that my tutor made-a-point that she was available to talk to if there were any problems, which allowed me to settle in easily. I also felt that the units were well planned and thought out for students. Finally, I think my dissertation supervisor went to extraordinary lengths to ensure I was confident with my final year project, and would always make time for me, even when it seemed there was a long queue at his door with other students."

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