The Department of Applied Psychology has a number of specialist laboratories and a range of specialist equipment to support teaching and research. Continued investment in this area ensures our facilities are kept up to date and will continue to meet student needs in the future.

Experimental Psychology and Speech Science Laboratory
In addition to the main computer facilities at the university, the Psychology department has its own dedicated computer laboratory. This space features 41 networked computers running windows 7 and a variety of programmes such as the statistical analysis package SPSS 19 and the non-numeric data analysis package NVivo 10. The computers can be set up with hardware such as Cedrus response pads, microphones, and headphones, enabling students to run a variety of psychological tests and collect their own data.

Cognition and Speech Science Laboratory
This second small laboratory is equipped with 4 PCs, each fitted with a Biopac system, and 2 MACs for testing smaller groups, and includes an area for more informal teaching, meetings, and workshops. The room also houses a sound attenuated booth and our library of psychometric tests.

Psychology Postgraduate and Research Centre (PARC)
This space is a dedicated postgraduate research and teaching facility, and includes a well-equipped teaching area, 10 computers for testing small groups, an observation suite, and 6 research cubicles.

Research Cubicles
Our 6 research cubicles are equipped with a variety of hardware and software for use in postgraduate and undergraduate research projects.

  • CANTAB a set of 22 cognitive tests designed to assess a range of phenomenon such as memory, decision making, and impulse control.
  • E-PRIME a suite of applications providing an easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis.
  • NOLDUS OBSERVER XT event logging software for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data.
  • BIOPAC allows students to record autonomic nervous system functions, including heart rate, skin conductance (also resistance), skin temperature, muscle tension (EMG), neuronal activity (EEG), and eye movement (EOG) from their own bodies, animals, or tissue preparations.
  • TOBII TX300 EYE TRACKER an unobtrusive eye tracker for detailed research of natural behaviour, which allows the subject to move during tracking while maintaining accuracy and precision.
  • ASL MOBILE EYE a mobile eye tracker, which can collect eye movements and point of gaze information during the performance of natural tasks outside the laboratory.
  • SENSEWEAR 7 allows students to collect continuous and accurate physiological and lifestyle data from subjects via an armband and download the data for research or further analysis.

Observation Suite
This space is used for making detailed observations of behaviours, as well as for conducting interviews and running focus groups.

Audio-Visual equipment
We have video camcorders, digital audio recorders, microphones, headphones and laptops for student use.

Psychometric Tests
Our Psychometric Tests library contains over 100 tests, assessing everything from general health to adult intelligence.

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