Holly Skeates 
Graduated: 2007
Job:  Completing MSc Occupational Psychology

Why did you chose UWIC?
I looked at several universities when i decided to go back and do my BSc Psychology course, both local and further afield. My reasons for choosing UWIC at the time were based on the facilities that UWIC had to offer, the fact that UWIC was being rated highly as being one of the top new Uni's in the country at the time and the helpful and friendly staff. I had arranged appointments at several universities to look around and speak to staff and I found UWIC the most helpful; the staff giving me a guided tour and answering all my questions.  The staff also helped reassure me of the support I would get as a mature student returning to study, which was a major factor as deciding to go back to education after a break is a daunting decision. I was also very lucky to find a good university so close to where I live which meant I could commute everyday with ease and I was able to continue working with my employer whilst studying.

Why you chose the particular course?
After years of working and feeling unsatisfied with the jobs I was doing I decided to return to education.. I had recently completed a course for personal development that had lead me to believe psychology was a career I would enjoy and that would give me new experiences and challenges everyday. I did some investigation into what I needed in order to become an Occupational Psychologist, which was the path I had decided to take and I found I needed to do a BSc in Psychology with Graduate Basis for Registration as the first step.  UWIC offered this course and their psychology department was very good. 
How beneficial did you find the course?

I don't think you realise the true benefits of the course you have chosen until you have qualified and leave. Upon starting my MSc I wasn't aware how good UWIC's course was, the skills and topics I had covered throughout my three years with UWIC have been immensely beneficial to my development and a good grounding for what I have gone on to. When I started studying at another university and was able to compare myself with other students who had come from other institutions I found that I had developed a far wider range of skills and covered topics that were extremely useful to me, in fact I almost feel that I am repeating a lot of what I already know.  I think that the course will stand me in good stead when I enter the jobs market and it has helped me to get one step closer to my end goal.
What have you gone on to do since graduation?
Since graduation I have gone on to do an MSc in Occupational Psychology at Wolverhampton. Unfortunately, UWIC didn't offer this otherwise I would have stayed where I was. I am currently half way through this course and I'm doing well and looking forward to applying for posts at the end of the year. 
Why did you choose to go onto postgraduate level?
As I had always planned to be an Occupational Psychologist, I aimed throughout my degree to get a 2.1 so I could continue on to a MSc in Occupational Psychology. The requirements for Occupational Psychologists are a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a period of supervised work experience as you work towards Chartered status. I went on to a Masters course as I had always aimed to be a psychologist as this was my end goal. 
Would you recommend UWIC?
Yes, i would definitely recommend UWIC's psychology department. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at UWIC and I found the staff extremely friendly and helpful, whenever i needed help or support there was always someone on on hand to offer advice and guidance. As a mature student i found that UWIC helped my return to education by offering study skills advice and spending extra time with me when I needed it. I found the lectures interesting and informative and the extra workshops to guide me through SPSS (Statisitcs) invaluable. Llandaff Campus is easily accessible from the motorway, making commuting convenient, and the facilities on campus were good. If I could have stayed at UWIC for my MSc I would have as I found everything enjoyable and well organised.