Dental Facilities

The Centre for Dental Technology is highly specialised and has a discrete suite of purpose built laboratories. Since 2000 the Centre has enjoyed a total refurbishment of its accommodation with modern equipment being installed. This together with funds gained initially from a joint BT Academic Award and three Cardiff Metropolitan University Learning and Teaching funded projects and one New Enterprise initiative, the suite of laboratories is now of world class quality and includes the use of mini digital cameras, web-based video conferencing and ‘state of the art’ ICT equipment. In addition, six dental technology CAL packages can be accessed from the laboratories and from open access PCs in the Learning Resource Centre on the Llandaff campus.

The suite of laboratories that form the Centre uses state of the art equipment. Each work station is made up of Kavo composite benches and “daylight” lighting systems, bench mounted micro-motors, specific dust extraction units and Bunsen burner. Each teaching laboratory has its unique presentation system for lectures, practical demonstrations and tutorials.

Adjacent to the teaching laboratories, sits specialist equipment within communal laboratory areas;  high speed polishing lathes with built in extraction and lighting, high speed rotary trimming wheels, electro-polishing units, wax removal facilitation devices, duplicating systems (both hydrocolloid and silicon), a wide range and variety of porcelain furnaces , induction casting machines, burnout furnaces, micro-soldering machine, sandblaster and high speed grinders, steam cleaners and press-able ceramic furnace.  A 3-D Touch Probe scanner is also on permanent loan from Renishaw enabling CAD/CAM milling to be recently introduced to the programmes. The Centre has recently purchased an ‘EasyShade’® electronic shade taking device for use with undergraduate research projects.