Career Opportunities 
All our graduates have excellent career prospects. Dental technologists are employed in the NHS, commercial laboratories, private practices and dental schools.  Within the Health Service there is a clear career structure ranging through Senior, Chief and Senior Chief Grades. Within the commercial sector, after some years of experience, it would be possible to become a commercial laboratory owner or manager.

After graduation it is possible to continue to attend the Centre on a part time basis to undertake postgraduate qualifications whilst being employed. 

FdSc and BSc/BSc(Hons) Career Potential:
Employability is high following graduation.  The UK is currently experiencing a national shortage of Dental Technicians, a fact that has been recognised by the Department of Health by identifying it as an ‘at risk’ profession.  Our aim is to equip our graduates to obtain the best jobs in the vocation.   Placements during years 2 and 3 ensure that invaluable transferable skills for entry to the workplace are gained.  A wide range of experience is gained and a range of  technical work can be seen fitted to patients.  You will be in communication with other Dental Care Professional groups on a daily basis after year 1.

To assist students with their career planning and to comply with University requirements , employability and entrepreneurship are integral to the programmes.

Employability:  The course is structured to fulfil all the requirements set by the General Dental Council in its published syllabus to enable the successful student to attain the skill required to register as a Dental Technician

The practical competencies developed over the syllabus enable the graduate to be competent in the construction of the wide range of basic dental prostheses and appliances.

Career advice sessions built into the ‘Work Placement’ and Professional Practice modules are designed to develop the skills needed to actively pursue employment.  Topics such as interview techniques and the compilation of CV’s are included within this area. This also introduces the student to the normal day-to-day procedures that occur in the dental laboratory.

The Personal Development Plan components that are embedded within the course structure are designed so that over the three years of the programme the student is made aware of the various roles and career moves to which a qualified dental technician may aspire.

Entrepreneurship:  The concept of the need to constantly develop and appraise a business plan prior to beginning a business will be introduced to students in the module ‘Professional Practice 2’.  The programme team will seek to use outside speakers and introduce students to companies and schemes that can give advice and financial support to those considering working for themselves.  At level 3, students will be offered the option to develop an Enterprise Project in the ‘Research Project’ module.

MSc Career Potential:
The Post Graduate qualifications allow application for the post of Senior Dental Technician and above within the health service (at MT0 3/A4C Band 6 or higher). Successfully completing the programmes would also allow validate skills of those in the private sector who may be undertaking more demanding work with an associated higher earning potential.