Dr Shelley-Ann Evans 

Senior Lecturer

Cardiff School of Health Sciences 
University of Wales Institute Cardiff, 
CF5 2YB. 

tel +44 (0)29 20416848
fax +44 (0)29 2041
email: saevans@uwic.ac.uk

Academic Interests

My research interests revolve around blood cell deformability, adhesion and interaction with vascular endothelium, and their roles in disease. This also encompasses inflammatory and circulatory disorders, and environmental influences on haemorheology. Recent collaborative research has included investigation of monocyte heterogeneity (in conjunction with The Medical School, University of Birmingham); investigation of endothelial dysfunction in thyroid disease (in conjunction with Department of Medicine, University of Wales College of Medicine). Current collaboration includes investigations on the effects of environmental pollution on haemorheology (in conjunction with the Cardiff Particle Group, Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University).

Basic metabolic biochemistry and associated laboratory-based practicals. Advanced medical biochemistry (Lipids in cardiovascular disease, cell signalling). Statistics. Supervision of undergraduate & postgraduate research projects
University Responsibilities
Organisation of departmental research seminar series.
Research Student Supervision

M.Phil Completion:
Stephen Hughes “The role of leukocytes in ischaemia-reperfusion injury” 2005

PhD Completions:
Ameena AlMosawi (Ph.D. 2003) “Studies on actin polymerisation and deformability in polymorphonuclear cells and monocytes”

External Responsibilities
Currently act as a referee for two journals, "Biorheology" and "Clinical Hemorheology and microcirculation".
Member of The Higher Education Academy