Prof. M A Hannan 

Visiting Professor

Canadian Institutes of Health Research,
160, Elgin Street, 9th Floor,
Address Locator 4809A,
Ottawa, ON K1A 0W9

tel: (613) 270-8262  
mobile: (613) 859-2497    

Ph.D. (Microbial Genetics), 1968 (London University, UK)

Current Position (2004-Present):
Deputy Director, Knowledge Creation Program, Research Portfolio, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Management and Administration of Operating and Strategic Initiative Grants in the areas of Genetics,Genomics,Cell Physiology,Molecular & Cellular Biology of Cancer, Biochemistry A&B, Cancer Progression and Therapeutics, and responsible for the Institute of Genetics and the Institute of Cancer Research of CIHR.

Honorary Professor, School of Applied Science, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, (2000 to present)

At UWIC, my responsibilities include periodic lectures, supervision of graduate student and consultation, as well as collaborative research.

Genetic Toxicology , Radiation and Cancer Biology

Genomic Instability in Carcinogenesis & Atherosclerosis (DNA Repair & Cell Cycle  Defects), Molecular Radiobiology  (p53 & other Genes Expression) & Predictive Assays for Environmental Radiation Toxicology  and  Radiotherapy.

Curriculum Vitae