Prof. Ken Jones 

Professor Ken Jones
Professor of Immunology and Allergy

Cardiff School of Health Sciences 
University of Wales Institute Cardiff, 
CF5 2YB. 
tel +44 (0)29 20416936
fax +44 (0)29 20416982

Academic Interests    


The role of pulmonary surfactant in immunoregulation in the lung, with particular reference to the control of macrophage and epithelial cell function.  It is hoped that this may lead to a better understanding of the development of inflammatory pulmonary disease both acute and chronic. This work also involves the regulation of mucus secretion by bronchial epithelial cells and is particularly relevant to diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis.
The role of T-cell transcription factors in the development of granuloma formation in sarcoidosis and progression to chronic disease.
Allergy research including work on the significance and prevalence of latex allergy in dental practitioners,mechanisms of antigen sensitisation and novel diagnostic techniques in latex allergy. Genetic influences and differing clinical patterns in peanut allergy and their relationship to age of onset and severity. The mechanism of salicylate sensitivity in atopic and non-atopic individuals. Early life factors influencing the development and persistence of asthma.
The effects of strenuous and moderate exercise on the immune response.

Immunology at undergraduate and post graduate level in biomedical sciences and nutrition and dietetics.

University Responsibilities
Director of the Latex Allergy Consultancy Service. This service was set up to supply a demand for independent assessment of employees who were concerned that they may have developed occupational allergy to natural rubber latex. The service also provides standard allergy testing for staff and students at the University
Cardiff Pollen Count. I am the head of this service and as such I oversee the provision of the tree, grass and weed pollen count for Cardiff. This is supplied to the National Pollen Bureau and is included in daily weather forecasts during the pollen season

Chair of the Ethics Committee for the School of Applied Science.
Member School of Health Sciences Ethics Committee
Member of the University Ethics Committee

Research Student Supervision

Current Students
Gareth Walters
Peter Sykes
Delia Ripley
Zainab Khalafala

PhD Completions
Anwar Albanaw
Fabienne Caillon
Wondwossen Abate
Khalid Al-Muhurrami
Tet Tet Lin
Zainab Al-Ketheree Z
Anwar Al-Mosawi, 
Keith Morris 
Amanda Price
Alex Tonks
Paul Wigley

MPhil Completions
Steven Potter 
Stephen Hughes

External Responsibilities
Referee, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Allergy, Thorax.
Editorial Board Open Allergy Journal
Managing Director, Allergenix Ltd. a company jointly owned by myself Dr Andrew Thomas and UWIC.

Other Responsibilities
Human Tissue Authority Designated Individual for UWIC under the terms of the Human Tissue Act
Member of WORD RFS Grant Committee