What Our Students Think 
Jose Ruffino

(Final Year BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science)

“The balanced mix of lectures and practical sessions is great. Practical sessions help to explain lectures more thoroughly, making them clearer and easier to understand and visualise. The hands on experience of carrying out laboratory work would be highly beneficial in many future career paths.

Lecturers involved in the programme are extremely interested and enthusiastic about the modules they teach; this has encouraged me to show the same interest, and made learning of the subject easier”

Steven Brown

(Final Year BSc (Hon) Biomedical Science (Applied Biomedical Science))
“From the experience of my sandwich year in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, I have greatly improved my laboratory skills and scientific knowledge, and have become registered with the IBMS as a Biomedical Scientist.”

Martine Altidor

(BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science (Applied Biomedical Science))

“The Biomedical Science programme is highly commendable; much of the work studied is imperative to not only patient care, but also to current trends in the science & technology. One of these current trends involves the study of Bioinformatics – where new computing tools are used to manage and analyze genomic and molecular biological data. Bioinformatics was studied in the final year and I found it to be an enthralling venture into genetic analysis and into the understanding of new genomic research data”

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