Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Science Programmes at Cardiff School of Health Sciences
A Biomedical Science degree can lead to a career in the Health Professions Agency, Medical Research Council and National Blood Authority, or in Medical Pharmaceuticals or Biotechnological Industries.

Many of our programmes including the BSc Biomedical Science, the new BSc Healthcare Science as well as the Msc Biomedical Science (all pathways) are accredited by the Institute for Biomedical Science.

Cardiff Met's courses in Biomedical Science include elements of the following disciplines:
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology;
  • Immunology;
  • Medical Microbiology and Virology;
  • Advanced Diagnostic Methods;
  • Immunohaematology;
  • Clinical Chemistry;
  • Blood Transfusion;  
  • Laboratory Diagnosis of Disease.

Undergraduate Courses

Foundation leading to BSc Health Sciences

Biomedical Science - HND*
Biomedical Science - BSc (Hons)

Healthcare Science (Life Sciences) - BSc (Hons)

Sports Biomedicine & Nutrition - BSc (Hons)

*This course is for International Students only

Part-time Courses

Biomedical Science - HNC
Biomedical Science - BSc (Hons)
Biomedical Science - MSc/PgD/PgC

Postgraduate Courses

Biomedical Science - MSc/PgD/PgC

IBMS Accredited