Rwanda Partnerships 

Kigali Health Institute
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This partnership was started through Helen Perry, a former environmental health student at UWIC, who contacted us and informed us of the opportunities to collaborate with Kigali Health Institute, KHI, Rwanda. A visit was made to KHI by George Karani in January 2008, where meetings were held with Dr. P. Kato, Dean Faculty of community health, Mr.  Birigimana, Head of environmental health department and other staff and students at the institute. It was decided to start developing areas that we could work together in research and learning & teaching.

The visit to the institute was hosted by  Mr Z. Bigirimana, Head of Department Environmental Health

Geroeg Karani and Paul Belcher held meetings with Dr. C. Kabagabo, Vice-Rector i/c Academic Affairs and Research.
Further meetings were held with with Dr. J. Kato, Dean Faculty of Community Health Development.
Finally Professor Karani and Mr Belcher also held meetings with Mr K. Rukundo, Coordinator Nyamishaba Campus.

George Karani presented lectures on pollution monitoring and pollution and health to lecturers and Year 1,2 and 3 environmental health students.

He also presented a seminar on ‘Importance of Research and Waste Management’ at Nyamishaba Campus. The Meeting was attended by lecturers and Year 1,2 and 3 environmental health students.

George and Paul also presented a public seminar on ‘Challenges facing Environmental Health in the next ten years, and Environmental Health teaching in the UK’. People from government, non-government organisation and staff from KHI attended.

It was agreed to work on the following areas:

• Research on waste management.
• Research on indoor pollution.
• CPD.
• Joint research grant applications on environment and health, including climate change.
• Learning and Teaching: share our experiences on best practice group, competencies and portfolio development.
• Staff exchanges.