ERASMUS+ at Cardiff Met 
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Information on deadline dates, term dates and who to contact can be found by accessing the Cardiff Met Fact Sheet.

Erasmus+ exchanges are one of the most positive things you can do whilst studying at Cardiff Met. Where students on selected programmes have the opportunity to study in Europe. You can study at a European University through the medium of English and gain the same number of academic credits towards your degree as you would if you’d stayed in Cardiff.

In addition this gives you the opportunity to not only experience a life changing cultural experience but also put you ahead of others in the job market by adding to your CV that you’ve studied at another European University such as the University of Antwerp, University of Cyprus or European University in Germany.


It would be useful but not essential to have a GCSE in the host nation's language. All lessons, and assessment, however, are in English. With some countries, such as Cyprus the main language is English so students don’t need any additional language. Others such as Estonia and Denmark can provide intensive language courses if you wish to learn your host country's language.


All students are eligible for a Erasmus+ grant. All host countries are cheaper to live in than the UK and some are less than half of the UK prices for food and accommodation.


Most UK universities and many other UK Institutions of Higher Education/Further Education are involved with the Erasmus+ programme. The involvement varies from institution to institution but overall every subject area is covered. Not all courses can be combined with the Erasmus+ programme – this will depend on the structure of your course.