Strategic Insight Programme 
The Strategic Insight Programme (SIP) was launched to help university staff develop and build relationships with external partner organisations. It is a pioneering, fully-funded project that aims to develop collaborative partnerships by funding short term placements of university staff into external organisations. This enables staff from the university to:

• Develop skills and gain 'real world' experience
• Provide a fresh perspective
• Share an insight into each other's organisations which may inform strategic thinking
• Stimulate innovation to develop ideas together
• Build strategic partnerships for future collaboration

The project is fully funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) until July 2010. Placements require no financial input from partner organisations, making it a low risk way of developing new links.

The SIP funding is normally for a period of up to 50 hours and this may be organised either as a short 'block' or more flexibly over 1-12 months.

Where a placement has been successful further funding may be available from a number of sources to contribute towards follow-on collaboration. Further information about these schemes, many of which are only available by working with Universities, and assistance with applications is available from the Knowledge Transfer team at UWIC.

Staff within the Cardiff School of Education have engaged with success SIPs with the following organisations (click on the links to read case studies):

ESIS hosted by the 14-19 coordinator
The People & Work Unit