Education Outside the Classroom 
This course is designed as an introduction to exploiting the natural environment as a learning resource for primary aged children. It is aimed at teachers and support staff who wish to become more confident in supporting children when using a natural wooded environment.

It is not an accredited course but will provide a sound basis for those wishing to undertake further training. It is a taster course that is aimed at showing the potential of outdoor learning. It explores the use of teacher-led and child-initiated approaches to outdoor learning and covers a range of practical skills.

This is a 'hands-on' course and the majority of the two days will be spent outdoors. Those attending are expected to dress accordingly as the course will run whatever the weather.
Forest School

Forest School Day one will be spent exploring the approaches to using the natural environment as a resource for learning.

Day two will include training of practical skills aimed at making teachers and support staff more confident in an outdoor environment.

Forest School Course Tutors:
Martin Cook
Chantelle Haughton
Forest School