Ecodesign Centre (EDC) 
Our mission is to make ecodesign happen.

Established in 2006 we are a knowledge-intensive organisation specialising in making ecodesign happen. We make ecodesign happen through developing and delivering collaborative multi-sectoral ecodesign projects in partnership with the private, public and third sectors. This includes working with companies, industry associations, design agencies, educators, government policy-makers, government-funded organisations and social enterprises amongst others. These ecodesign projects are underpinned by applied research, international best practice scanning, active participation in UK and international networks and a focus on capacity building.

Our initial set-up was supported by the Welsh Government (WG) as part of their statutory commitment to sustainable development. We were designated a Centre of Expertise by them in 2008 being recognised as the ‘voice’ of, and knowledge base for, ecodesign in Wales. We support them with ecodesign-related policy development along with helping them to translate the policy into practice. Our status was changed to a WG Centre of Excellence in 2012.

As part of their knowledge transfer and research activities, we sit under the University’s Research & Enterprise department. We are located off-campus near Cardiff city centre at the Cardiff Business Technology Centre (CBTC). We are 100% externally funded.

To read more about the Ecodesign Centre’s projects, activities and results please visit our website.