Research Degrees 
In CSM we have developed a dynamic culture of critical and applied research to complement our extensive portfolio of research degree registrations providing an active and supportive research environment. 

CSM has a vibrant PhD programme with over 60 enrolled MPhil, PhD and Professional Doctorate candidates. Many of our research degree candidates are international students funded by scholarships from their governments.  We welcome applications from graduates who are wishing to pursue MPhil and PhDs programmes (which primarily focus on the development of new knowledge) related to our areas of expertise. 

We also welcome applications for our MRes or Professional Doctorate programmes (Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Tourism (DTourism) and Doctor of Information Systems (DInfoSys)) which involve the identification of a change project in a professional context and focus on the development of new professional practice.  

Professor Eleri Jones
Director of Research
Cardiff School of Management