The CTS Conference Series focuses on ethical, equitable and sustainable tourism and measures of development based on quality of life and the creation of cohesive, equitable communities. There have been four previous conferences (Dubrovnik 2005, Split 2007, Zadar 2009, Cardiff 2011) which have produced three books The Critical Turn in Tourism, editions one and two (2007, 2011) and Tourism and Gender (2007).

CTS offers an inclusive environment for educators, researchers, practitioners, activists and policy-makers to consider the philosophical direction of tourism enquiry and practice and tourism’s role in progressing towards a just and sustainable world. 

The conference series aims are:

  • To consider tourism futures in a changing world
  • To reflect on shifts from growth-based indicators to ‘mindful’ development measures
  • To explore the worldmaking power of tourism and its role as a progressive force for engagement in and analysis of the global political and cultural economy
  • To cohere critical research and pedagogy in tourism and hospitality
  • To provide a supportive forum for emerging tourism researchers