Part-Time Courses 
Part-time Courses

Whichever part-time programme you choose, you will have a unique opportunity to develop and explore the skills of the practitioner within a challenging academic framework. Our aim is to help you realise your true potential. We have an excellent reputation for teaching and learning, a wide range of programmes you can study, practical input from employers, excellent facilities and the experience of living and studying in Cardiff.

 Accounting, Economics and Finance
Finance - MSc
Financial Management - MSc
Finance & Information Management - MSc

 Computing and Information Systems
Business Information Systems & Technology - HNC
Computing & Software Development - HNC

Business Information Systems - BSc (Hons)
Computing - BSc (Hons)
Management & Technology - BSc (Hons)
Software Development - BSc (Hons)

Computing - MSc/PgD/PgC
Information & Communication Technology Management - MSc/PgD/PgC
Mobile Technologies - MSc/PgD/PgC
Technology Project Management - MSc/PgD/PgC

 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management
Events Management - BA/BA (Hons)
Events Marketing Management - BA/BA (Hons)

International Hospitality Management (Top Up) - BA (Hons)
International Hospitality Management - BA (Hons)
International Hospitality & Events Management - BA (Hons)
International Hospitality & Tourism Management - BA (Hons)
International Hospitality Marketing Management - BA (Hons)

International Tourism Management - BA (Hons)
International Tourism & Events Management - BA (Hons)
International Tourism Marketing Management - BA (Hons)
Sports Tourism Management - BA (Hons)

Hospitality Management - MSc/PgD/PgC
Tourism Management - MSc/PgD/PgC
Events Management - MSc/PgD/PgC