The Development Fund 
The UWIC Annual Fund
Cardiff Metropolitan University has a commitment to achieving excellence in everything we do and the Development Fund was created to realise this goal. The Fund will provide a vital source of funds for the following priority areas:

To support the Development Fund, we run an annual Telephone Fundraising Campaign each Spring. Our Spring 2014 Campaign was hugely successful, with our alumni pledging over £20,000. Click here to find out more.

Make a Difference

The Development Fund will enable alumni and friends of the Institution to support current and future students, making a real difference to their studies. You can direct your support to any of the areas above or simply to the area of greatest need, where we will allocate your gift where it can have the greatest impact.

The Development Fund will distribute the money it has raised on an annual basis.

Gifts to the Development Fund will also enable us to attract further support for the Institution, such as major gifts from charitable organisations. After all, a good cause is measured by the strength of its supporters, as well as by the work it aims to achieve.

We have only recently changed our name to Cardiff Metropolitan University. Prior to this we were UWIC between 1996-2011, so there are many alumni who graduated from UWIC and our other founding institutions.

Whether you obtained your qualification 5 years or 50 years ago, from UWIC or Cardiff College of Education, it has hopefully helped you on your chosen career path. We are now asking you to help us to create opportunities and raise the aspirations of current and future students by supporting the Development Fund.

Please contact us and we will send you a donation form or donate online now.