International Groups 

There are alumni groups in many different countries, and we are constantly looking to create more opportunities for our alumni to meet others in their local area.

Some of the groups are fully-fledged alumni associations, others are more informal. They range in size from 100+ members to just 4 or 5.

Each group has a local alumni contact, listed below. If you don't see a listing for your country or your region, and would like to set one up, please contact the Alumni Officer who would be delighted to help.


The UWIC Alumni Association of Brunei is the only official society for alumni of a British university in Brunei. There almost 200 alumni in Brunei, and the group was one of our first overseas chapters to be set up.

 Role   Alumni Contact  Course/Year
 President  Haji Almumin  MBA 2001
 Treasurer  Haji Jaffar  BSc Environmental Health 1999
 Social Secretary  Adina  BSc Environmental Health 2006
 Secretary  Zul Hasan  BSc Food Science 2004


In Canada, we have two alumni representatives, Desiree is based in Toronto, and Andrew is based in Vancouver. We're currently aware of just 70 alumni in Canada, half of whom are based in Ontario. If you'd like to get in touch with Desiree or Andrew - if you live locally, or simply want an insider's tip for a great holiday! - then we'd be glad to put you in touch. Alternatively, if you would like to represent your state, please contact me for details. 


There are almost 800 alumni in China, including graduates of our partner institutions such as London School of Commerce, East Asia Business School, University of Hong Kong, and East Asia Institute of Management. Our contact in China is Andrew Woods (MBA 2005), currently based in Hong Kong, with strong links to Shanghai. You can contact Andrew via the Alumni Office:


With over 300 alumni in Colombia - mainly graduates from our courses taught at London School of Commerce - there is huge potential for a thriving network, especially within Bogota. Daniel Marin Echeverry is our Alumni Ambassador for Colombia, and he would be happy to be contacted on  


Dina Fathalla is our Alumni Ambassador for Egypt, and is based in Cairo. If you are working in or around Cairo, or come from the area originally, we'd love to put you in touch with Dina! With just 14 alumni  Egypt is one of our 'smaller' alumni destinations. However in the future we look forward to welcoming alumni from our partnership with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, as well as students who travel from Egypt to study with us in Cardiff.


Enkhmaa Bayar (MBA 2010, LSC) is our Alumni Ambassador for Mongolia, based in Ulaanbaatar. Enkhmaa would be delighted to organise annual alumni meetings for alumni living and/or working in Mongolia. She is also willing to help alumni look for work, meet new people, or deal with visa issues. If you are working in or around Ulaanbaatar, or come from the area originally, we'd be delighted to put you in touch with Enkhmaa, or you can find the Facebook group "UWIC Alumni (Mongolia)".


We have a number of representatives in India, due to both the size of the country, and the size of our alumni base there - over 2,500 UWIC/Cardiff Met and LSC alumni are based in India. If your area/region is not covered, or you would like to get in touch with one of our alumni in India, please contact the Alumni Office:

   Contact   Course/Year
 Delhi   Siddharth Nath
 Nishant Dayal
 MBA 2003
 MBA 2003
 Mumbai  Pakzad Nussirabadwalla  MBA 2004
 Hyderabad   Sudhamsh Bondugula
 Harsha Konduru
 MBA 2003
 MBA 2010
 Chennai          Shankar Subramani  MBA 2010


With over 700 Cardiff Met/UWIC and LSC alumni living in, or coming from Pakistan, we're delighted that two of our alumni have offered to represent us in Lahore, and Islamabad.

   Contact  Course/Year
 Lahore  Osama Jawad       MBA 2006 
 Islamabad      Nasir Tajuddin  MBA 2005

United States of America

Mark Fowler (HMS, 1984 and PGCE, 1985) is our Alumni Ambassador in the US. Based in Virginia, he would be delighted to connect with other alumni on the East Coast. Mark would love to hear from you via the Alumni Office:    

United Arab Emirates

Muhammad Nabeel (MBA, LSC 2006) would like to connect with any alumni currently living or working in the UAE.