Get Set for HallsNet 


Before using this service you will need to agree to abide by the Halls of Residence IT Rules and Regulations.

Please see the information below for general information on connecting to the services. Don't worry if you don’t understand any of this, we'll be on hand to help you! Please see Let’s Get Help for HallsNet for further information.

Once you are connected for further advice and guidance on using the service please see the HallsNet Portal.

You will be able to connect most PC / Apple and Laptop devices to the wired bedroom sockets, when you arrive on campus, by plugging them in and following the automated process.

Please see the Five Minute Connectivity Guides page for further information.

If your device has WIFI then you will be able to use our quick Halls of Residence WIFI Device Set Up wizard to configure it in advance so it’s ready for use when you arrive.

If you have an Android (version 2.1 and above) device, then you will also need to install the XpressConnect app (by Cloudpath Networks). Please click here for further details.

Blackberry devices of version 5 and above should work however the automated process isn’t supported on these devices so they will need to be configured manually.

Please see the Five Minute Connectivity Guides page for further information.

Games Consoles, Blu-Ray players and Kindle (basic) devices can be connected to WIFI (if your device has a WIFI port) and/or to the communal network points (by the communal TVs).

Before connecting these devices you will first need to register them using the Halls of Residence Device Registration page. Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire should work without prior registration.

For information on how to find the MAC addresses of your device’s Wireless and Wired Network Port please see the relevant section on the Five Minute Connectivity Guides page.

After you have submitted the registration then your device will be enabled on the network and you will subsequently receive an email back which identifies a passphrase for the “hallsnet-gaming” SSID.

For information on using the LG TV sets in communal areas please see the TV Remote Guide.

Please be aware that if you access any live TV broadcast on your own equipment you will require a TV license.  Please see for further details.