Dyslexia Support 

Dyslexia Support/Specialist 1:1 tuition

UWIC offers a range of support to students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties including dyslexia.

  • Screening and assessments for dyslexia
  • Assessments for Irlen Syndrome
  • Assistance applying for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)
  • Specialist 1:1 tuition

You will first need to meet with a Disability Advisor to discuss how to access this support.

If you do not have a diagnosis but think you may have dyslexia or have been advised to contact us please see the information regarding dyslexia screenings and make an appointment with a Disability Advisor. 

What is specialist 1:1 tuition?

Frequently known as study skills tuition these sessions are run by fully qualified tutors who specialise in providing support to help students develop their study skills.

Specialist 1:1 tuition is usually funded by a student’s DSA. Please see the relevant pages for more information on how to apply for this or contact the Disability Service.

If you are an EU or International student we may still be able to arrange some specialist 1:1 tuition for you although the number of sessions you receive may be limited. You will need to meet with a Disability Advisor in the first instance to discuss the options available to you and produce appropriate evidence.

What is covered in each session can depend on the workload of the student and what assignments they have and what they feel they need to develop.

Typical examples of areas covered are;

  • Identifying your learning style
  • Research skills
  • Methods for organising your workload
  • Time management skills
  • Proof reading skills
  • Revision
  • Developing writing skills.

Typical examples of what cannot be covered are:

  • Proof reading
  • Subject specific/academic guidance

If you do need assistance with these areas please speak to your Course Tutor and visit our FAQs section for additional guidance.